Summer Hair

It’s getting close to summer, and time to start thinking about how you’re going to take care of your hair. You know the weather is about to get warm, and you’re going to be outdoors a lot more, so what is your game plan? Your hair and scalp are both very prone to being damaged by the sun, so the challenge is to protect it. I’ve got a few tips here on how to care for and protect your hair and scalp during the summer.

A fresh cut never hurt anyone, especially right around the start of summer. You’ll keep cooler by having less hair trapping the heat on your scalp and back of your neck. You can always do a short buzz cut, but I know some people like to keep it a bit longer, so my advice here is to just make sure it’s off your neck, letting it breathe. Now, if you do want to go the short route, I wouldn’t say that you should shave your head completely. Having hair on top of your scalp does protect it from sunburn, which can cause all sorts of trouble for your hair in general. Scalp sunburns can lead to itching, dandruff, and increased hair fall out.

Speaking of your scalp, you’ll want to protect that as much as you can from sunburn. Though it is less likely to get burned if you have hair on top of your head, you can still get sunburned. Especially on the top of your head, or if you have thin hair. Your scalp is also very prone to skin cancer, so you really want to protect it. Use a little bit of sunscreen, and massage it in to your scalp. You can even find styling products that have an SPF rating. If you can’t use sunscreen or can’t find one, a hat is also a very good choice for sun protection.

Oh wait, you already got sunburn on your scalp? Oops, but not to worry! Luckily, there are ways to treat a scalp burn. You want to make sure that you treat your scalp very gently, use a soft brush to prevent scratching and causing a delay in the healing process. Make sure to avoid any styling products that have alcohol in them, this can cause your scalp to dry out and be a real pain for you. Do not pick or scratch at it if it starts to peel, either! This can lead to an infection, and then you will really be wishing you remembered that sunscreen.

So, your scalp is recovered, and now you want to go to the pool. You’re going to want to protect your hair from that good old chemical, chlorine. That stuff can damage your hair, leaving it feeling dry and looking it, too. You’ll want to make sure not to wash your hair before going to the pool, that way your hair retains its natural oils to protect it. When you go to the pool, a pool cap is your safest option to protect your hair from chlorine, but if you don’t want to wear one, just make sure to wash your hair when you get home.

Finally, during the summer, your hair traps in the sweat and dust from outside against your scalp. You’ll want to shampoo often to keep it clean, but do not shampoo daily. That can strip your hair of essential oils that keep it healthy.

The summer is a great time to go outside and enjoy yourself, but make sure to take care of your hair and scalp, that way you can have healthy summer hair!