When it comes to what time of day to shower, there is a lot of debate on whether there are more benefits to morning showers or nightly showers. Well, science is here to settle the debate once and for all and it looks like nightly showers come out as the better option for your health. Many people who shower in the morning claim to prefer them because they wake their brains up in the hot, or cold, spray. Another reason people tend to prefer morning showers is due smelling better at the start of the day instead of sleeping off the pleasant scent of their body wash. While these reasons work for those people, there are real, proven reasons why showering at night is ultimately better for your health.

Cleaner Skin
The most obvious reason to shower before you go to bed is that you’re cleaning your skin of dirt, pollen, and sweat residue. Your skin will also produce the most oil around 1PM. By removing these particles, you are less likely to be sleeping on irritants that can bring about blemishes and rashes on your skin. If you clean your face, your pillowcase will also be cleaner and your chances for an acne breakout will lessen as well. Make sure you clean your feet just as well. By the time you go to bed your feet have been everywhere from a bathroom floor to boots to sandals. The last thing you want to do is go to bed with dirty feet. You can also look forward to having cleaner sheets to sleep on. Who doesn’t like sleeping on clean sheets, after all?

Better Sleep
Science has found that towards the end of our day our body temperature tends to lower our level of activity decreases and it will stay low until the morning when activity resumes. Showering before bed accelerates this process as your body is heated by the warm water and then suddenly lowered once you step out. This tires your body out faster and promotes better sleeping patterns. Showering right before bed is also a good way to decrease screen time before you nod off. Studies have concluded that eliminating screen time at least 30-minutes before sleeping will result in deeper REM sleep. As an added bonus, if you enjoy sleeping in you add in another 30 minutes that might have been spent showering!

Effective Skin Routines
If you’re in the habit of moisturizing before you got to bed, you’ll definitely want to start that routine off with a shower. Most skin moisturizers are more effective when we sleep as it is. Deep sleeping increases your blood supply and is better for your skin in general. If you use moisturizers, they will be more effective if used right before bed. When you shower your pores open up to the steam in the air and allow for better cleaning but also better absorption of facial cleansers and moisturizers. You’ll wake up feeling more refreshed and your skin will look better than ever.