Choosing Your Sideburn

With the discussion of beards and facial hair, there’s another aspect of hair on your head that needs to be discussed as well- Sideburns. They generally aren’t your first thought when it comes to hair but they play just as crucial of a role in the shape of your face as your hair and beard do. If you want your look to be symmetrical you’re going to want to choose a style that is consistent with the look you already have or are trying to achieve. You want to keep the length of all the hair you have to be consistent as well. It would look odd if your sideburns were bushier than your beard or the hair on your head. You’ll also want to consider the density of your facial hair in terms of length and width.

Length is determined as such:
Short: Stopping between the top and middle of the ear
Mid-length: Stopping in the middle of the Ear
Long: Stopping between the middle and bottom of the ear
Very Long: Stopping at the bottom of the ear and longer

You want to avoid sideburns that stop above the ear. At that point, the symmetry in your face will be thrown off and you technically won’t have sideburns. When it comes to the width, the wider the style, the more radical it can become. In a professional setting, sideburns are generally no larger than one and a half.  Keep your job and lifestyle in mind when you are looking into the styles of your sideburns.


Now we will move onto the styles that will suit your facial shape the best.

Round Face: Keep your sideburns longer to break up the roundness of your face and start them at mid-ear level. Bushy burns and short sideburns will only add to the fullness of your face and make it seem wider.

Square Face: Try to compliment and offset your jaw by going with a longer style that reaches the bottom of your ear. This will add dimension and narrow your features.

Oval Face: Shape your burns so that they end around mid-ear. Longer styles will make your chin seem more pointed and emphasize that feature.

Oblong Face: You can go one of two ways here. The first is keeping a short style that will make your face appear shorter. The second is only if your face is long and narrow: you can add width with long, thick sideburns.

Heart Face: This facial shape is tricky as a lot of different styles can offset your features. It is suggested to try and experiment with different looks to find the one that suits you the best. The longest and shortest styles can make your face seem wide and offset so be careful when trying out different looks.

Triangular Face: Balance your wider, lower face with short to medium sides. You can also go with longer, tapered sides to help narrow your wider jaw.

Diamond Face: This shape is best complemented by styles that are of medium length and just over mid-ear. Bushy styles will draw emphasis to your cheekbones and make your face appear wider.

If you aren’t sure of the direction you want to take, consult your barber or trusted stylist and they will be able to point you in the right direction.