Hair’s dead, baby, hair’s dead.  However, that does not mean we should not take care of the stuff that covers our body and scalp. If you are like me, having heavy and oily hair can be extremely bothersome, but there are ways to take care of your hair and scalp that help you have healthy, clean looking hair!

There is a general routine that people with any hair type can use, and it’s as follows:

  1. Aside from soaking your hair, you’re not going to want to use a ton of shampoo. Only a quarter size amount will really be needed. The power of lathering, man.
  2. Massage the shampoo in to your scalp, which is really what the goal of washing your hair is for. Keeping the scalp clean and healthy leads to healthier hair.
  3. Rinse all of the shampoo, and conditioner if you use it, out. Make sure you get it all.
  4. Gently dry your hair with a towel, don’t go crazy as this can actually damage your hair, believe it or not.
  5. Use a wide-tooth comb to brush your hair, and do it carefully. You don’t want to brush so hard that you bring chunks of hair with it!
  6. When you can, let it air dry!

If you are also like me, you may have a really dry scalp or a skin condition. I have scalp psoriasis, which makes my scalp very itchy and causes flakes, otherwise known as dandruff. Sometimes, dandruff can be cause by something as simple as leaving too much shampoo on the scalp. Other times, it’s more of a skin condition. If you suspect you have a skin condition, check with your doctor or dermatologist and see if they can prescribe you a special treatment shampoo.

Going back to the oily hair conundrum for a moment, having natural oils in your hair is actually great, however, sometimes we produce too much. When that happens, you hair can look less than stellar after just a single day of not washing it. This leads in to the question a lot of people ask: how often should I wash my hair? I would love to tell you an exact answer, but it’s a big, fat DEPENDS. With super oily hair, you’ll want to wash it more often, especially if it is straight since straight hair tends to get oily quick. For me, I have to wash my hair every day or else it gets really oily and it looks rough. People who have curly hair or thick hair can sometimes have an issue with the hair looking too dry or frizzy, conditioner can help this issue. It adds essential oils to the hair, not only nourishing it, but keeping it from becoming a poof ball.

Now, you’re going to want to protect your hair. There are tons of things that can cause damage and make it too dry or break easily. Chemicals are a large cause of damaged hair, whether it is chemicals from a pool, or the products you use to style your hair. Hair treatments like coloring, straightening and curling can also cause damage. Wearing a hat when outside to prevent sun damage is also a nice little tip to consider.

Keeping your hair healthy and strong is not hard, but does require the maintenance, but as long as you follow some of these tips, your hair should be just fine!

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