If you’re one of the many men who suffer from thin hair you may feel like there are no grooming options out there that look stylish. This simply isn’t true. Having thin hair, to begin with, is a trick of genetics and might just be something that you have no control over. While others might find their hair thinning out due to diet, stress, and bodily changes with age. Whatever the reason, no one wants to admit that their hair is thinning and some might even venture to whatever means to try and thicken their hair. They might try anything from diet changes to vitamins, to doctor recommended treatments. In the end, while these treatments may work for some men, there is still the effort needed to hide or distract from the thinning locks on your head.


Thin Cut

Let’s start with an obvious solution: Shorter Hair. The shorter you keep your hair, the less attention you’ll get if your hair is thinning out. With thinner haircuts, you have more option of styling products to volumize your locks. It’ll give you the appearance of thicker hair and it won’t be weighed down like longer looks. Invest in a barber or stylist that can help you find the right look and the right products to suit your needs. When styling, stay away from thicker creams and gels and opt for molding pastes that will plump up the hair you have.


Scalp Massage

As with most things skin related, the more blood flow you can encourage, the healthier you end up being. During every shower give yourself a scalp massage and don’t be afraid to scrub- you won’t lose any hair that wasn’t going to be lost through the day. Massaging your scalp will promote more nutrients to flow in that direction and in turn, your hair and skin will be healthier. In the long run, it will also encourage more hair growth and you might find yourself with a fuller head of hair for it. Also, consider getting outside a little more especially with spring around the corner and the weather warming up. The sun’s rays are full of vitamin C which also promote more blood flow.


Visual Tricks

Another suggestion for distracting from your thinning hair is to create visual illusion or distraction. Start by finding the best beard that fits your face shape and go from there. If you can find a style that suits your overall look, there will be more attention to your face rather than the top of your head. Not to mention that beards are in right now and there are so many sources of beard care available. You’ll join a whole new group of men who have developed their own communities just based on their facial hair. If you find that the beard you already have is graying, ask your stylist of low-lights of their recommendation to give your hair a look of depth.


The last trick is the easiest of them all and only requires that you take your health into your own hands. A healthy diet and lifestyle will increase your blood flow, as mentioned above, and will lead you to be healthy overall. Consult your doctor before making any drastic changes but for the most part, a healthy diet with vitamin supplements and exercise will do wonders for your body.