Hair Cuts for Your Hair Type

Now, we’ve covered a lot of different topics on the best beards for different face shapes and even matching beard to your glasses. Now we’re going to look at the best kinds of haircuts for your hair type. When getting a haircut you want to take into consideration the different aspects of your face and hair. Thickness and texture play a big role in the styles you want to think about when changing your look. Keep in mind that the cut you want may not work as well if you have thinner hair and the same can be said if you have thicker hair.


Thick Hair

Having thick hair can seem like a blessing and a curse wrapped up in a hair follicle. On one hand you won’t have to worry too much about your hairline receding or going bald but on the other hand, your hair is going to need a lot more maintenance if you want it to be manageable. Luckily, your options on style are not limited- short crops and longer locks are both possible if you layer internally and keep up on regular trims.


Asian Hair

Asian hair is often defined as shiny and thick and while that may seem like the dream, Asian hair is prone to thin and breakage as it matures. This hair type is often difficult to retain a style that has been worked at with hot tools. Aim for short crops and geometric cuts that work with gravity. In turn, these styles will work for you with little to no effort on your part.


Fine Hair

Fine hair can feel like the worst of the hair types. Often times those with thin hair have a hard time getting their hair into any kind of shape or style. It hangs limp and often times you are able to see the scalp. To give your hair the appearance of body, keep it longer in the styles of millennial curtains or a swept back style. Anything shorter will give away the thinness of your hair.


Wavy Hair

If you find that your hair is wavy, you are looking at locks that aren’t quite curly but definitely not straight. Curly hair can vary in the thickness and texture and will need extra attention when cutting and styling. Give your hair movement and shape cutting the sides of your hair short and leaving a bit of length on the top.


Textured Hair

Textured hair, sometimes also called ‘Afro Hair’, is a catch-all term and varies from person to person. Textured hair can be found in many different thicknesses and many different types of curl tightness. As the curls are not generally cylindrical, they do not reflect light and might not appear shiny and the hair is also prone to more dryness. Luckily, there is little work to be done once you’ve found the right cut. Ask your barber or stylist to find a cut that works with your curls in a natural shape and your hair will do the hair work for you.


Unruly Hair

Does your hair do it’s own thing, not laying flat and sticking out all over the place with no manners for polite company? You might have unruly hair. Avoid medium length styles and go straight for long or short ones. Consider stocking up on your styling products, though. It’s going to take a lot to tame those locks.


Thinning Hair

As you start to pass through age 50, you might find your hair losing its thickness or texture it might have had in your youth. This is perfectly normal, even if you find yourself lamenting the looks of your younger years. If you want to avoid the baldness train for a few years, try for a cropped style or a buzz cut, something light that will minimize the look of thinning hair if you were to choose something longer.