The first thing you’re going to look in to doing is finding a chair in a nearby barbershop or salon. This will help get your feet wet, and so you can see the business from the inside. Now, as time goes on, you may start thinking about starting your own business. Your entrepreneurial spirit burns to have a place of your own, and you believe the time is coming to become the owner of a barbershop.

What is the path to becoming a business owner in the barbering industry?

You’re going to want to begin formulating a plan, but you’re going to want to start by talking with your clients that sit in your current chair. These folks will be your first steps! Ask them about what could be changed, or what they really enjoy about the place you are currently working. Make sure to take in to account your current and/or previous employers did for their clients, too.

Next thing you are going to want to do is check out your state’s licensing requirements. With the state of Arkansas, a lot of these requirements are met when attending a barber school. From taking the classes, to working an apprenticeship, these can be done while attending a barbering college.

Following that, the next steps you’ll want to take are building a business plan and location, location, location. Building the business plan is fairly straightforward; just determine the operating costs and the start-up costs. Marketing, licensing, leasing, etc. As for finding a location, the choice is up to you! Make sure to be mindful of your local competition and their relation to where you decide is the perfect spot for your business. You can go the route of building from scratch if you choose, but the easier route would be to find an empty spot to lease. This cuts out the need to go to a zoning board or get any sort of building permits.

Before getting your salon ready for inspection, look in to hiring a lawyer to review the lease agreements with, making sure the owner of the building and you are aware of who is responsible for what. Bringing on an accountant is also sound advice, that way to help with the tax law when it comes to your employees.

Now, to begin prepping for the inspection you will want to have plenty of equipment and supplies on hand. Check all public safety, sanitation, and licensing requirements, and contact the local Health Department to schedule an inspection. Your State Board may require you to have an examination performed by them as well. Check on that.

So you passed, great job!

Now it is time to hire some licensed barbers for you shop and fill those chairs! Make sure they are well groomed, and look the part, a dress code is a good way to maintain the professional image you want to put off. While discussions between employees are great, make sure to encourage your hair stylists to leave the gossip at the door.

After all is said and done, you’ve got your own business up and running. Hold yourself a grand opening, and see about putting a press release out in the local paper to get buzz about your business. Do NOT forget about your online presence. Social media is a huge drive now a days for business, so a Facebook or Twitter would be great for your business, along with a user-friendly website.

Good luck out there!

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