One of the challenges men face when trying to get a great home shave is finding the right products to use. There are so many options when it comes to the right shaving cream and razors that it may be overwhelming to the newcomer. Thankfully, there are now options to help makes those crucial decisions on shaving care a little easier.

Over the last few years subscription boxes have become one of the latest trends to hit the personal care market. It is an easy and convenient way for companies to advertise their products to broader ranges of audiences. Luckily for you, that means you can have the opportunity to try different shaving and grooming merchandise for a fraction of the cost each month. By partnering with the curators of subscription boxes like the Luxury Barber box  and the Dollar Shave Club, organizations can sample products ranging from shaving cream and body wash to razors and shaving brushes. The sample sizes of these products can save the subscriber a lot of money every month while they determine what works best for their skin.

Here’s how they work. The first step is to determine what provider is going suit your needs as far shaving and skin care are concerned. There are websites, like My Subscription Addiction, that have already compiled pages and pages of options, complete with overviews and reviews from actual customers. Once you have determined the provider, the next step is to look at the box options. Always be aware of the costs of each subscription. The more product in a monthly box, the more it might cost. After you’ve selected your option you’ll be asked to input your payment method, subscription length, and shipping information and then you will be given a shipping date. Most providers ship on the same day each month and will generally take an automatic payment if you’ve opted for a subscription longer than one month.

As far as affordability, there are a few options available. The Dollar Shave Club has subscription packages for razors, including refill blades. These options range from $1 for the first month and up to $9 for the following months for larger razor packages. Their product bundles can be purchased separately for the low price range of $6-$16. The Wet Shave Club is another popular option. It is the next step up in price but it has much more to offer. In these subscriptions you can receive 10 blades from the current sample collection as well as the shaving brush and soap, pre and aftershave, and  a few extra grooming products. You can expect these options to range around $49.99 as well as the cost of shipping. The Luxury Barber Box  is possibly the most expensive option on the market. The options for the company include an all over grooming box, shaving  only, hair only, and grooming body care only. Each are going to start at $32.00 for a singular month and $320.00 for an annual option. If you’re feeling more daring and will to shell out the extra cost, you can build your own box. However, keep in mind that these boxes can range from $60-$422 depending on what you decide to put into it.

One of the great things about the curators of these websites is that almost all of them keep shops alongside of their subscription options. It provides customers the chance to order past boxes if they were missed and even the chance to purchase individual items. However, the catch to buying these items individually is that they may cost a little more than the sample size in the end. The benefit to these shops is that, often times, the products they sell can be less expensive than if you were to purchase them off of the shelf. Keep in mind that some sites carry products unique to their brand and you may not be able to find them elsewhere if you decide to shop around for a better deal.

At the end of the day, these subscriptions can open up the world of shaving products to the newcomer or even the more experienced shaver looking for a change in routine. The variety of product offered to users can lead to a better, healthier shave.